You can export user information from the platform in the form of CSV or Excel files and use it as per your need. You can also import user information from your CRMs to the Morph platform.  

How to Export user information?

A platform user also gets an option to export user data to their choice of application for Analysis. Apply filters and retrieve a selected set of users then click on the Export button. You can export data in two formats CSV or Excel. There is a limit of 10,000 records per export but there is no limit on the number of exports.
Once you generate an export request you will receive a link on your registered email which you can use to download the requested data.

How to Import User information?

You may have a use case where you need bulk data from your database or your CRM. In this scenario, you can use the import feature. For this, you have to upload the file with data and map the columns with existing properties. This will ensure swift import of data on morph platform which is ready to be used in your bot flow.