Morph platform provides you with an array of filters that you can use in conjunction to filter out the most relevant set of audience. You can then find out meaningful insights and execute targeted actions for this specific set of users.

How to apply filters?

Filters are typically properties that were taken from the users during the conversation flow like contact number, email address or system properties like last user message, create time, current message, last message time, current campaign, and many others. Users can be filtered out based on these properties. To get the most relevant set of users you can use as many filers as you may require. 

What is Filter expression?

Once you have selected filters from the drop-down list you would want to set a rule on how these filters will be used together. This is done using a filter expression. You can always modify filter expression.

Example: In the image above the bot builder has selected 2 Filters ‘Phone number Exists and Email exists’ the filter expression here is (1 AND 2) which means both are necessary conditions. The number of users that satisfy this filer criterion is shown below, 424 in this case. 

If the expression is to be changed to make either of the conditions sufficient then we can make the expressions ( 1 OR 2), now the number of matching users become 713

In the case of multiple filters, a bot builder can also make nested expressions. 

(1 AND (2 OR 3) OR (4 OR 5))  where AND and OR are Boolean operators.