A segment is a grouping of users based on certain conditions. This group can be used for targeted communication, you can send Announcements/Broadcasts and workflows to this segment. There are two types of segments we can create Dynamic and Non-Dynamic segment.

Dynamic Segments

A dynamic segment is derived by applying multiple filter conditions and saving the filter expression. Once this is done you will see a list and count of users that are filtered out based on filters and expression applied. 

In the above image, you can see  

Block 1: Applied filters as per segment requirements 

Block 2: Expression/logic applied to selected filters 

Block 3: List of users retrieved by applying filters and expression 

Block 4: Total count of users retrieved by applying filters and expression 

Block 5: Save the segment 

All the segments saved can be reused by selected from the segment list. This can be seen in block 6 in the above image.

Non-Dynamic Segments

A non-dynamic segment is a specific set of users and will not change over time unless a user is added or removed explicitly. Select the checkbox provided next to a user and then click add to a segment from the list. You can also create a new segment. 

Starred segments

You can mark your favorite segments as starred (⭐️) segments which will be readily available to be used in the segments section as seen in the image above.