We have different monthly subscription pricing plans based on your usage and your use case. 

Our base plan includes the following : 

  • Monthly Active Users(MAUs) = 500 
  • Session messages = 10000
  • Ticket based support
  • Access to all Morph.ai platform features.

Monthly Active User's or MAU's are the total number of users who would be interacting with your WhatsApp bot in a month. 

There is a one-time activation fee as well depending upon the MAUs you select. 

The one-time activation fee is charged for :

  • WhatsApp Business Account set up on the Morph.ai platform
  • WhatsApp Business API account application and approval
  • WhatsApp Phone number activation
  • One training session

If you want to get a pricing quote for a higher number of users and session messages, we have a calculator that suggests the best subscription plan for you, based on your end-users count. 

You can visit the pricing calculator here at https://morph.ai/whatsapp/pricing-calculator.

On the calculator, you can adjust the number of MAUs for current and 6 months later to estimate the correct pricing for your usage.