1. Introduction 

Properties hold the values that a system or a bot builder defines them to hold. This can be very useful in driving user experience and collect important information.

2. Access 

To access Properties you can click on Chat flow on the left panel and then select properties from the chat flow options

3. How to set a Property?

You can set a property value during the bot flow. This value can be received from the user or can be fixed by the bot builder. This feature forms the core of information gathering in the bot flow. The value stored in a property can be used for various purposes like identifying a user/user group, gather lead information, trigger relevant conversation flows, display information to users, etc. 


To set the value of the property you can 

  1. Use ‘{{‘ to select another property as the value. 
  2. Add a value ( This would be static)
  3. Clear the existing value of the property by typing UNSET
  4. You can mark the property as skipped by typing SKIPPED

For more information on properties, you can refer to this document.

4. Scope of a property

Duration/scenario for which a property is valid is called the scope of the property.
Message: When this option is selected, the scope of the property will be limited to the scope of the message i.e a session. IF the same user comes again then the property will not hold previous value. 

Customer:  When this option is selected, the property will hold the value until the customer exists. Which Implies when a user returns the property will still hold the value of the previous session. 

5. Types of Property

You have to define the type of the property at the time of the creation. Following are the different type properties defined

Type Description
Text This is selected to store simple text
NumberThis is selected when value Is expected to be a number. It can only store numbers 
Decimal This is selected when input is expected in decimal value 
Date/timeThis property stores date and time information 
Phone number This property is used to store phone number and is useful to out validation for the same 
BooleanThis can store True/False Value
ObjectThis property stores an object 
Location This property is designed to store Location coordinates