We are back with all the things we have added/fixed last month. We hope you guys like these features. For any suggestion or feedback please drop us a message here. Check out past month releases here


1. Nurture API: API Details to send Notifications (post-session messages ) are now available on the platform itself. Users can now test post-session messages on Morph Sandbox. Know more

2. Example Notification Templates: Based on most common usage patterns we have added new sample templates that can be used to test notifications

3. Notification Templates: Now you will able to create notification templates in Nurture.

4. Improved WABA Application: WhatsApp Business API application has been improved further to make it more easy and understandable. The application has been shorted by reducing the steps from 15 to 10. Also now the Pricing Plan appears before adding the card.

5. Plan Details: Now you can check your opted plan details anytime. Just click on ‘My Plan’ from the Home 

6. Media Post Session Message: Now you can create a media post-session template to send rich notifications. This is only supported if your WhatsApp number provider is Smooch.


1. Announce Analytics: Every time you send an announcement, now you can get information about average read time, response time, sent, delivered and read information

2. Better Announce: A lot of changes have been made to make Announce more intuitive and specific to WhatsApp. Some of the changes: New quick filter - All, all the times are displayed in local timezone, only select templates for Post-Session message, a lot of help texts in between to make it easy for you to send announcements.
For post-session announce, from now own you can change the selected template. Also, the help links have been updated.

3. Fast Audience: The audience has been enhanced to load faster within 1-2 secs. Previously it could take 20-40 secs.

4. FbBM Verification Status: More granular FbBM verification status has been added. This will help you to easily determine the current state and next steps.

5. Enhanced Post-Session Template: You can now choose the category before submitting it. Also, now you can create a template in draft mode and re-edit it before submitting it to WhatsApp for approval.

6. Post-Session Approval Notification: From now own you will receive a notification whenever your template is approved. Also, in case of rejection, you will receive an email with the reason for rejection.

7. Easy Code block: The Code block got a new design, new features, and new documentation. Now you can subscribe to error/exception alerts. Also, the documentation has been re-written completely to make it easier to write code.

8. WA Specific Platform: Now WhatsApp sign-ups will only see WhatsApp options while creating anything new like a conversation, announce, etc. They won’t see Facebook & Morph-Livechat options anymore.

Bug Fixes 

Agent Deletion: The agent can now be deleted only by a superuser. An admin/Agent can not delete an agent on that account