Any business needs approval from WhatsApp before start using WhatsApp Business APIs. We have partnered with WhatsApp to ease out the approval process. You have to just give us your business details and we do all the hard work on your behalf to get the approval.

You can fill the application from the platform. There are five stages of application:

  1. Fill Application: In this, you will have to provide you business info and WhatsApp number info.
  2. Complete Application: In this, we will validate the info you have provided to optimize your chance of getting fast approval. Also, you will have to choose a plan.
  3. Submit Application: In this, you will submit the application. We will then pass the application to the WhatsApp team for approval. Also, we will charge your card for the setup fees. 
  4. Application Status: In this, you will see the status of your application. Only after you get the WhatsApp's approval we will start your subscription plan.
  5. Setup: In this, you will have to do the OTP verification to verify your WhatsApp number. After that, we will complete the setup and link your WhatsApp phone number to your account.

The complete process can take up to 10 - 20 days. You can see the real-time timeline of your application on the platform.

In case you have any questions, please refer to WhatsApp Business API Application FAQs or get in touch with us.