Automation of conversations ensures round the clock availability of support and assistance with an advantage if lower input and higher returns. This enables businesses to provide better assistance to their existing customers and empowers them to capture every incoming lead. However, there are scenarios where a user may put forward a query/request that is not programmed in the chat flow for such scenarios Morph provides the support of Manual Chat.
Manual Chat allows an agent to jump in when a bot is unable to answer the required questions or when a user requests for human assistance. An agent can take over communication whenever required.


2. Access

To access Manual Chat functionality click on the Converse tab.


3. Functionality/Usability

3.1 Initiate a manual conversation 

Following are the steps to set the flow to Initiate Manual Chat in the conversational flow 

  1. Add ‘ Transfer to Human’ block in your conversation flow when you want to initiate the Manual Chat for the user 

  2. Provide a trigger option/action to initiate Manual Chat.

3.2  Scenarios to use manual chat 

  1. User-Initiated: A bot builder can provide an option to initiate Manual Chat whenever required by the user in the conversational flow. This is ideal for scenarios where a user may need to connect with an agent to find the required information/action. 

  2. Fall Back: When the system is unable to provide an answer to a query put forward by the end-user or the user provides irrelevant information, a Fallback message is triggered. A bot builder can configure the bot to initiate Manual chat to support the user to get relevant information. This boosts the user’s confidence in the product/service support process. 

  3. Triggered by Action/location: Ideal for a sales team in this scenario a bot builder can schedule to activate manual chat when a user performs a certain action or is present at a critical step in the conversational flow. 

  4. Follow-ups: Manual chat can be used as a feedback mechanism or to connect to a lead for follow-ups. This human interaction boots the confidence of the lead and is helpful to address open format queries. 

3.3 Manual Chat Interface

The interface provides a functional view of a conversation with all relevant details listed on the right panel. 

3.4 Assignment of Chat Request

A chat request is assigned or routed as per the rules defined by the bot builder.If there is no rule defined all the chats go to the unassigned category and any agent can manually pick up the chat request.

  1. Assign to an agent Once a manual chat request is initiated the bot stops responding and a chat is added to the queue. If it is assigned to a particular Agent/Group then agents of that group can see the chat in ‘ Assigned to me’ category. If the chat is not assigned to any group or an agent it is listed in the ‘unassigned’ column and can be picked up by any agent.

  2.  Assign to bot An agent can assign the conversation back to the bot once the chat request is resolved. This would enable the end-user to use the bot once again.