Interacting with customers increases customer confidence and helps businesses provide solutions to customer queries. End users who are the millennials want instant gratification which comes from solutions provided immediately. Morph platform enables the bot builders to automate certain scenarios that help them to provide solutions, gather information, and assign agents for agent communication when necessary.


On the left panel in Configure Section Click on Chat flow, this is where you can set conversation rules and configure triggers to those rules.



3.1 Creating New conversation 

In the chat flow panel on the top right, you can find the ‘ Create Conversation’ button. This will allow you to set a new conversation rule.  

  1. Starting Rule: This is the trigger word that starts the execution of this rule

  2. Blocks: Blocks add functionality to your branch. You can select a block as per the action required. 

  3. Branch Conversation: This allows a bot builder to divert the conversation flow according to input or action was taken by the user

  4. Jump to a conversation: A bot builder can move from one rule to another during the conversation flow

3.2 Using Existing conversation rules 

You from the left panel click on conversations to see existing rules. You can edit the rules and monitor the analytics related to the rules.