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            [WhatsApp] WhatsApp Business Account Activation Process

            Get your business approved on WhatsApp

            1. This is done by submitting the Business Approval application on
            2. You can find the link to it and more details in your logged in account at

            WhatsApp Number Activation

            Once we got the access to WhatsApp business APIs, we can now enable automation on any WhatsApp number. Activating automation on any number requires setting up the dedicated infrastructure, hence you have to first subscribe to our plan. The process of activating a number is as follows.

            Step 1. Choose a phone number

            You can choose any phone number but make sure it follows the following requirements:

            • Your business must use a valid phone number.

            • Short codes are not allowed on the WhatsApp platform. Landlines are acceptable phone numbers to use.

            • The number must include a country and area code.

            • Since a phone number is tied to a WhatsApp account, you must own this number.

            • This phone number does not need to receive calls or SMS except for the registration step below. This phone number must also not have been used with WhatsApp Business API before.

            • If the number is already used on WhatsApp APIs, a migration would be required. Please contact us on to understand the process of such migration.

            Step 2. Make the number ready

            Make sure the number is active on any phone so that it can receive SMS for verification. Also, if you are using the same number on WhatsApp App (Regular or Business App) make sure you migrate it properly using this guide.

            Note : If you are already using the number on WhatsApp, refer to the FAQ#1 below.

            Step 3. Submit for activation and application for verification badge

            Please fill this form to start the activation process.
            We will also submit application on your behalf to apply for verification badge or green-tick based on the details you submit in the form above.

            Step 4. Verify

            After submission we will give a time when we will verify the number. For verification, we will call you to share an OTP you will receive on the registered number. That’s it.

            WhatsApp Number Activation FAQs

            1. Can I use a phone number that is already on WhatsApp?
              If that phone number has not been used on WhatsApp Business API, you can use that phone number. Follow the migration steps outlined here to reuse that phone number.

              When you migrate such a number, be mindful of the following:

              1. Do the migration steps some time before the scheduled time for the OTP so the down-time of your WhatsApp number is minimum.
              2. You will lose the old conversations on your WhatsApp account. If you need them for reference you can take an export for backup using the following steps.
                WhatsApp -> Settings -> Chats -> Chat history -> Export Chat
              3. You may want to make a note of the name and the phone number of all the people you want to continue talking to. You can import that in and send them a Template Message to continue chat.

            2. Can we use toll-free numbers as our business account number?
              Toll-free numbers are allowed as long as your country code is included. Read more about toll-free numbers here.

            3. What if my phone number cannot be reached by either voice or SMS?
              Unfortunately, you will need to pick a different phone number that is capable of receiving SMS or voice in order for us to send the registration code.

            4. How much time it can take?
              After you fill the for it will take 2-4 business days to complete this process.

            5. Will we get a Verified Checkmark or Green-tick or on our WhatsApp account?
              Once your number activation process is done, files a separate application to WhatsApp to apply for the Verified badge (Green-Tick). In the activation form we have linked above, we ask you to submit a screenshot of your Facebook Business page showing it is verified. Find a similar screenshot here. This is a prerequisite to apply for Verified Badge. If your Facebook Business is not yet verified, please follow the Facebook Business verification steps and it shall be done within a few days.
              Please note, filing of this application does not guarantee a verified badge. WhatsApp internally chooses to grant a verified badge to a business or not based on undisclosed criteria. Neither the criteria, nor the estimated time is declared by WhatsApp.

            6. Can I change the phone number at a later time?
              Yes, you can but the process is not automated and defined. We have to submit a manual query to WhatsApp team to do it and it can take any amount of time. We suggest you don’t rely on this.

            7. My Business Verification button is Greyed out. What to do? 
              Here are the steps that need to be followed if your Business Verification button is greyed out.

            Enabling permission to send Post Session Message

            Please follow the steps below to approve the request sent by WhatsApp API provider so that post-session messages can be sent to the users.

            Setting up WhatsApp Business Profile

            WhatsApp business profile is visible to your users on clicking on profile details on WhatsApp.

            (The green coloured check mark may not be available for all accounts - details mentioned in the FAQ above).

            Please head to Settings page here and set up your WhatsApp profile by clicking on the Update Profile Icon as shown below. 

            Display name should adhere to the given guidelines here

            Updated: 18 Nov 2019 09:08 PM
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