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            What should I do if my Business Verification button is Greyed out?

            There may be cases when the Business verification button is greyed out as shown in the below image.

            In such a scenario, follow the steps below to get your verification button activated. 
              1. Go to the login/signup.
              2. Create a new App.

                Below screen opens

              3. Inside the app, click on settings on the left menu and go to ‘Basic’.

              4. Fill in the following 3 compulsory fields:

                1. App Domains : Enter your website details
                2. Privacy Policy URL : Enter the URL of your privacy policy on your website. If you do not have that, create a document on Google Drive (or anywhere) and put a link here. This doesn’t need to be legally perfect, you just need a URL here.
                3. Category : Choose the right category as per your business.
              5. Click on save changes and then Activate the App using the toggle button on the top of the screen
              6. Click on the APP ID on the top of the screen to copy it.
              7. Go to and click on ‘Add’ button on top and select ‘Add an App’

              8. Paste the copied Ad ID here.
              9. After a few minutes, go back to and the button should be activated.

            Updated: 18 Nov 2019 09:05 PM
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