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            [Configure: Chat Flow: Conversations] Send Email

            The platform provides some additional functionalities to send out email and SMS to the users, which can be explored by clicking on More block in Chat Flow > Conversations tab.

            How to send Email?

            Click on the Send Email Block, the following window opens. You can add the receives email address or make use of a property as displayed in the below image. You can add the subject, sender's name and build your body that can be plain text or you can customise the body of email by clicking on 'Rich Email' button

            When you click on the Rich Email button, the following window will appear and you can now build your email with different customisations present.
            1. This button helps you to design body of the mail for Desktop/Tablet and Mobile.
            2. You can build your email in this block.
            3. This section provides multiple objects to be added in the mail body to make your emails more effective.
            4. You can add the properties/ Referral bot links that can then be used in the email body.

            This feature is very much useful, specially in the lead generation use cases , where you can send email confirmations to the users once you have received all required details.

            Updated: 18 Aug 2019 07:49 PM
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