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            [Other] Installing SDK & Widgets on website

            This article talks about the steps required for installing SDK and adding widgets on your website.

            Installing SDK

            You can install plugin on your website by adding the following code at the end of the body tag of your page. Placing it at the end allows your website to load first.

            <script src=""></script>
            <script>Morph.init({'appToken': '<YOUR-APP-TOKEN>'});</script>

            Are you already using any Facebook SDK's on your website?

            In case you are already using any Facebook plugins like - FB Share Plugins, FB Pixel, FB Like us buttons etc, please do make sure you whitelist your website Urls on your Facebook app. Please find the steps below to whitelist your website on your Facebook app.
            1. Go to
            2. Select your Facebook app that you are using on the website.
            3. Go to Facebook login > Settings
            4. Add our website url in 'Valid OAuth Redirect URLs'
            5. Save changes

            Adding Widgets


            What is a checkbox?

            The checkbox plugin allows you to display a checkbox in forms on your website that allows users to opt-in to receive messages from your bot in Messenger. For example, you could include the plugin on an e-commerce website, where you wish to send receipts and order updates to the user.
            For more details refer to the link - Click here

            How to add checkbox?

            To add checkbox, please add the following code above the button of the form which performs the submit action of the form.

            <div class="mw-embed" data-id="<WIDGET-ID>" data-ref-params="<REFERRAL-TO-USE>" data-user-ref="<USER-ID>"></div>
            To show the checkbox call the following function from javaScript, once the above HTML is loaded to the DOM (Document Object Model)

            On form submit, call the given Opt-in function as below.


            Updated: 06 Aug 2019 12:07 AM
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