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            1.01 - Introduction to the platform

   is a chat based intelligent marketing automation tool that helps business and specially marketers leverage chat as a marketing channel.

            It is an integrated set of modules and analytics that help you manage the entire customer journey.

            Creating a bot on the Morph platform is easy and user friendly. The platform provides various features that enable to you create the conversation modules to design the flow and deploy the bot on various channels. You can also monitor all the activities happening on the bot, that helps you in testing the performance of the bot and also enables you to make future changes/upgradations on the bot.

            The overall bot creation process can be divided into the following 5 stages:

            1. How to create a chatbot

            2. How to Follow up, Reengage and Nurture your audience

            3. How to test your bot and Go live

            4. How to monitor your bot regularly

            5. How to analyse performance of your bot and improve

            Updated: 28 Apr 2019 08:25 PM
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