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   provides simple and easy to use REST-like APIs to send message. These APIs will let you easily integrate with your own app.

            General Information

            1. Base Url: All the endpoints referenced in the documentation have the following base url: 
            2. Request/Response Format: The API accepts JSON in request bodies and requires that the content-type: application/json header to be specified for all such requests. The API will always respond with a JSON object.
            3. CORS: The API also facilitates cross-origin resource sharing so that it can be called from a web application.
            4. Ping: The API also supports a special ping endpoint to check whether the API is up & running or not.

            Status Codes

            For all the successful requests
            When the Authorization header is missing or the provided token is wrong
            Something malformed in your header or request body
            The requested path is not found
            In case of any unexpected error. Contact support with the RefId provided in the error response.


            Each API request requires authentication to identify the client that is responsible for making the request. Authentication is provided through an access token.

            Getting Access Token 

            Contact support to get access token using your email address. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

            Using Access Tokens

            For each API request, include this HTTP header: Authorization with the value {access_token}. For example:

            Authorization: YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN

            Updated: 09 Sep 2019 06:04 PM
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