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            [Facebook] How to build an E-commerce Chatbot

            👔👗This article will help you create a E-commerce bot for online stores that can be connected with your ad campaigns.

            platform helps you create your own E-commerce bot by following some simple steps using a E-commerce template. This predefined template allows you to:
            1. Interact with your customers and collect their preferences
            2. Browse product catalogue
            3. Gain new customers from your Facebook page
            4. Display options based on user's gender
            5. Follow-up your users interested in your product, based on their preferences
            6. Send discounts and special offers
            Test out this link to check how it worksClick Here
            Video Link - Click Here

            Getting Started

            Get started by creating a account on the platform using your email id. Once you have created your account, the platform provides you a list of predefined templates. You can choose any of the predefined templates as per your use case. In this article we will use the E-commerce template and help you customise it according to your needs.

            Customising template conversations

            Once you have chosen a template and created a campaign, you would need to choose that campaign as shown in the below image.

            The template has pre-defined conversation modules in the Chat Flow > Conversations tab and you can customised these conversations as per your need to create your bot. Lets go through each conversation module one by one:

            1. Get Started - This is the starting conversation. You can modify the welcome message by using images and some detail to introduce your bot to the user.
              You can also change the 
              CTAs that helps user to continue, as per your need.
              For more help on how to customise the message and using buttons and Quick replies as CTAs, you can use the below links:
              How to build a message
              How to use Buttons and Quick Responses
            2. Product Base - This conversation helps display your product catalogue to the user and provide all the information about your store.
            3. Apparels/Accessories/Footwear These conversations help collect users preferences and provide users with multiple options to choose from. Starting rules have been created for these conversations, so that they can be triggered using some keywords.
              Use the below link for more details on use of Keywords:
              How to trigger actions using keywords
            4. Fallback - This is one of the system conversation, which is triggered when your users type in something, the bot cannot recognise, for example — they typed in something that doesn't match any of your Keywords or FAQs defined in the bot.
            5. Nurturing Flow 1 ,2 ,3 - These conversations are used to reinitiate chat with the user as conditional follow ups. You can make these conversations more personalised by using users preferences.
            Now that you have modified all you conversations, you can integrate some of the the frequently asked questions in the Chat Flow > FAQs tab by clicking on the 'Create New' button.

            Use the below link for more details on How to create a FAQ:

            Setting up conditional follow-ups

   platform provides a uniques feature name 'Workflows' that are automated conditional follow-up messages that help brands to reinitiate chat with the users and keep them engaged on the bot and are helpful in reducing the number of lost leads drastically.

            Use the below link for more details on conditional follow ups:

            Testing and Going live

            Now that you have created your chat flow and defined the follow up conditions, we are ready to deploy and test our bot on a dummy page, before going live.

            Use the below link for choosing the channel and adding/creating a Facebook page on the platform:
            How to deploy your bot

            Now that you have added the dummy page and deployed your bot, how to bring your users on the bot?

            'Source' tab helps you connect your bot with your campaigns. The platform supports two ways of directing users to the bot from your campaigns.

            1) Ads JSON - Help connect your Facebook ads with your bot. Users clicking on these adds will be redirected to the bot. You can check out more details using the link:  > Ads JSON

            2) Referral Links - This is a direct link to the bot and can be integrated with your Google Ads and can be shared in Email/SMS campaigns.
            Check out more details using the link:  > Referral Links

            Use the below link to test out your bot using the 'Audience Tab':
            Congratulations, you are now ready to go live with your bot. Add your official Facebook page on the platform in the Channel tab as done earlier for the dummy page and create Ad JSON and referral links to be integrated with your campaigns.

            Real-Time Monitoring

            Going live with the bot is just a small part of your journey to maximise you lead count using a lead generation chat bot.

            The most important part of bot creating is monitoring the activities that are happening on the bot in real time and actively reaching out to the leads to get maximum conversations.

            'Audience' tab acts as a mini CRM on the platform and helps you to access all the activities happening on the bot. It lists down all the users who have interacted with the bot. You can click on the users name to check out users profile and view the data values collected for a user along with his/her interaction with the bot. 

            You can apply multiple filters to view a desired set of audience. You can also export the data using the export button.Use the below link to get more details about export:

            In case, it is easier for you to view your leads in your brand CRM, the platform allows you to pass your leads to your CRM in real time. There are multiple ways to do so. To check this out in more details, refer to the below link:

            How to pass leads to CRM

            Analysing Performance and Improvement

            'Audience' tab, which acts as a database of all the users and allows us to apply filters specific to the data values collected on the bot. You can segment users over various attributes/combination of attributes that helps you gain deeper insight. For more details on how to use filters, use the below link:

            How to use filters and filter expression

            The platform also incorporates in place analytics for conversations and buttons. 
            For more details check out the below link:
            How to use internal conversation/button analytics

            Lastly the platform, offers an 'Analyse' tab that has predefined reports in the form of important metrics and graphs that provide a deeper insight about the performance of the bot.Use the below link to get more details:
            How to use Analytics tab

            Hope this article helps you create an amazing bot for your Real Estate firm/agency.

            Updated: 05 Aug 2019 09:27 PM
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