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            What is Announce?

            Announce is a tool to send messages in bulk to a segment of audience. It is a great marketing tool to share content with users, reactivating subscribers and capturing their needs and interests. You can use announce to start a dialogue with your subscribers instantly.
            1. Deliver content to a specific target audience

            2. Engage subscribers by sharing regular updates

            3. Reinitiate conversation with cold users

            How to create Announcement?

            You can create an announce/broadcast in the Nurture > Announce tab. Click on the 'Create New Announcement' button to get started.

            Select the channel and the message content types in accordance with Facebook/WhatsApp messaging policies based on last user message time:
            1. Facebook Session Message (Update within 24 hours)
              Any promotional/ non-promotional message can be shared

            2. Facebook Post Session Message (Message after 24 hours)
              Non-promotional message after 24 hours as long as it fits into categories predefined by Facebook, also need to choose the category of the message.

            3. Facebook Bonus Message (Bonus message 1st after 24 hours)
              Bonus promotional message after 24 hours

            4. WhatsApp Session Message (Update within 24 hours)
              Any message promotional/ non-promotional can be shared

            5. WhatsApp Post Session Message (Message after 24 hours)
              Only approved non-promotional template message can be shared. Messages that fit into categories predefined by WhatsApp get approved. WhatsApp Post-session messages have extra cost per message. The price is country based. You can find the complete price list here.

              You can create the these templates in Chat Flow > Message Templates section, by choosing WhatsApp/Facebook post session template. You can get more details on how to create message templates here.

            Each Announce type has three common steps that need to be followed to create an Announcements:

            1. Target Audience

            Once you have built your message, you can select the target audience segment for the announcement and schedule the same. In case you do not find a relevant segment, you can first create a relevant segment in Audience. Once you have chosen the business page and the target segment as shown in the image below, the platform estimates the number of users who will receive the announcement as shown below.

            2. Compose a message

            Session/Bonus message - Build your message using the multiple variations of messages available like text, images, audio and others.

            Post Session Message - Choose the category of the message in Message type block as shown in below image.

            Facebook messages can be of two types :

            1. Subscription Messages- Subscription messaging includes the following message types:

              1. New - Inform people about recent or important events, or provide information in categories such as sports, finance, business, real estate, weather, traffic, politics, government, non-profit organisations, religion, celebrities, and entertainment.

              2. Productivity - Enable users to manage their personal productivity with tasks, such as managing calendar events, receiving reminders, and paying bills.

              3. Personal Trackers - Enable users to receive and monitor information about themselves in categories such as fitness, health, wellness, and finance.

                Note : For sending the above type of messages to large audience segment (>5000 users), business can apply for special Subscription Messaging permission on Facebook. Once approved you will be able to send messages in bulk in real time. Such messages are called Broadcast. Read more about Broadcast here.

            2. Non Subscription Messages- Send community alerts, account updates, issue resolutions and notifications on services or products to users. Find the complete list of category tags here.

            3. Schedule Announcement

            Start sending your announcements immediately by clicking on ‘Send now’ or schedule it to be sent on a particular date and time.

            • Decide the date and time for the announcement

            • Choose the timezone for the announcement

            Click the ‘Schedule’ button to schedule your announcement.


            Once you send an announcement to your subscribers, you can find it in Sent tab and measure the statistics for each of your messages (delivered, read, clicked ad replied) 

            Following is a glossary to help with what the above stats mean:
            1. Sent is the number of Broadcasts successfully sent. This maybe different from the estimated count as Facebook does not guarantee delivery to all users in case of broadcasts.
            2. Received is a number of users who have received the announcement.
            3. Read is a % of number of users who opened this announcement with respect to the number of users who received this announcement.
            4. Clicked is % of the number of clicks registered in this announcement with respect to the number of users who received this announcement.
            5. Replied is the % of the number of users who replied to this announcement in comparison with the number of users who received this announcement.
            The estimated numbers you see while creating the Announcement and actual sent count may be different. Also, ‘Users received this’ and ‘Target users’ might show different numbers. This can happen because of the following reasons:
                     - New users might have been added/removed from the selected segment
                     - Facebook does not guarantee delivery in broadcasts and hence Facebook might have failed to deliver messages to some users. The ‘Users received this’ count is the number that Facebook confirms have received the announcement.

            What is a Broadcast ?

            Sending the same message to many recipients at the same time can be inefficient and may result in delayed/slow delivery of messages to the users as each recipient requires a separate API request. This can also result in hitting the rate limits of the business's Facebook page.

            Broadcast is a type of announcement that is built on a different infrastructure that allows business to broadcast a message to a large audience with a single API call. Broadcast delivery is near-real-time. Broadcast can be used to send Subscription type messages (News,Productivity and Personal Tracker) as discussed above, especially to a large audience (>5000 users). 


            Only those Facebook Messenger bots that have been approved for  subscription messaging, can send updates to tens of thousands of subscribers or more using Broadcast.

            Visibility and Deliverability

            Broadcast messages are only visible to the message recipient. Broadcast messages will not appear in the Page inbox or on the platform.Facebook also does not guarantee the delivery to all the users in the segment, but shares an estimated count which is displayed to you when you are creating the 'Announcement'.

            Personalising Messages

            To create a better experience for the message recipient, the Broadcasts supports the following properties that can be used to include the message recipient's name in broadcast messages:
                 1. First_name
                2. Last_name

            Targeting a Broadcast Message

            As the Broadcast is used to deliver messages to a large audience, in order to ensure your messenger experience delivers high-quality, relevant content to message recipients, it is necessary to create the targeted audience for your broadcast messages in the Audience section before hand, so that the target list gets synced into Facebook.

            Comparison between a Regular announcement and Broadcast

            Here is the list of differences in Regular and Broadcast type of announcements.




            Subscription Messages

            Non Subscription Messages


            (Sent, Read, Replied, Clicked)


            Only Sent

            Bulk Send


            ✔ (35K/min)

            Rate Limits

            Page Level

            Broadcast Call Rates



            Real Time



            < 100 %

            Use of properties in text

            All Properties can be used

            First Name, Last Name only in Text with QR

            Hope this helps you to plan engagement on the bot!

            Updated: 24 Sep 2019 05:24 PM
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