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   maintains a database great amount of information about your users and most of it is accessible to you in the Audience tab.

            The platform utilises this information database to create customisable reports in the form of important metrics and graphs that help users with insights about the performance of the bot and helps you take actions for further growth and improvements required on the bot.

            Analyze shows you basic information about your users, active subscribers and the audience's growth. You can analyze stats here with multiple metrics and graphs.
            1. Metrics - 
              1. Total messages count, Incoming/Outgoing message count
              2. Total number of users, Users who shared Emails/Phone Numbers
              3. Number of times a 'Fallback'  is triggered (Fallback is triggered when users response doesn't match with any of the starting rules)

            2. Graphs -
              1. Message Trend over time
              2. New Customer Trend over time
              3. Button Clicks

            3. Lists 
              1. Unanswered queries/responses on the bot
              2. Conversation triggered

            You can choose any time period you want o the top right corner of the tab, and graphs and metrics change accordingly. 

            You can either use one of the quick filters or choose a customised date range.
            You can also request for a customised analytics report as per requirement and team will support you to build a more personalised analytics view for you.

            Hope this helps you take better growth actions! 

            Updated: 25 Sep 2019 08:43 PM
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