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            5.04 How to integrate your brand CRM with the platform

   lets you to integrate your brand CRM with the platform and push data collected on the bot to your CRM in real time which helps you to monitor the performance of the bot. 

            You can integrate your CRM with the platform in the Settings tab by clicking on 
            the CRM link under integrations as indicated in the below image.

            Note: Integrations is renamed as Chatflow Extensions.

            Click on the 'Create New' button and choose your brand CRM from the list of a variety of options provided. For demonstration, lets take an example of HubSpot as shown in the below image (1)

            As you choose your CRM, the platform lists the steps to be followed as shown in the above image (2)
            1. Login to Zapier 

              In case you do not have an existing Zapier account, go to Zapier and create one using your work email ID.

            2. Create a new zap 

              Click on the make a zap button as shown in the below image.

            3. Select (1.0.0) as Trigger App

              In case you are unable to find (1.0.0), then click on the below link and accept the invite from as shown in the image below.

              Link - Generate Invite

              Once you have accepted the invite and you can now select (1.0.0) and move to the next step.

            4. Select "Get Customer" as trigger in Choose trigger, and click Continue.

              Next step is to choose the trigger condition. Choose 'Whenever Customer Updates', so that when ever there is any update from the customer the same is synced in your CRM.

            5. Paste the API key in the "API Key" field.

              Save the CRM widget to get the API key.Click on 'Copy Code' button to copy the API key and paste it in your ZAP as shown in below images.

              API Key from Platform
              Paste it in your ZAP and continue

            6. Test you zap by selecting a sample, and click Continue.

              The Zap automatically pulls up a sample customer from the app for testing as shown in the below image.

              Click on the Continue button at the end of the page. Now that you have created the trigger action you would need to create the action step.
              Click on the 'Add a step' button as shown in the below image to integrate the action step.

              Click on 'Action/Search' and choose your CRM (in this case we will choose HubSpot). The action step for us to create or update a contact in the brand CRM, we will choose 'Create/Update Contact' option and continue as shown in below image.

              Next step is to choose your account. Click on the Connect your account, which would redirect you to your CRM webpage and you can then login to connect your account.

              Once you have connected your account, you can now continue and map the properties from with your CRM as shown in the below image.
              Here we are mapping the Email for the contact with the one received from

              You can search for the properties received from and map the correct property. Similarly you can map all the important details thet need to be synced whenever there is an update on the bot.
              Contact Email is mapped with Email from

              Once you have mapped all the properties , you can continue and test the ZAP by sending the sample contact to your CRM. Once tested you can now click on 'Finish' to save your ZAP and provide a name to your ZAP and turn it on.

            Congratulations you have now successfully integrated your brand CRM with 👍😃

            Updated: 18 Dec 2019 07:54 PM
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