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            3.03 What are the WhatsApp/Facebook Policies for 24 hour limit

   is very cautious when it comes to abiding by the Facebook/WhatsApp Compliances. We strictly follow Facebook/WhatsApp guidelines for both Announce and Workflows. 

            Facebook lays specific rules that need to be followed while sharing promotional content on the bot, without users consent. WhatsApp doesn't allow any promotional content to be shared with user.

            WhatsApp - Post session messages

            Post-Session messages are pre-approved by WhatsApp to control spam. Brand can only send approved templates. To create a template for approval go to Chat Flow > Message Templates and create a WhatsApp Post session template. Some more info about post session messages:

            • Personalised: Post-session messages can be dynamic i.e. they can have parameters like user-name or ticket id which can be specified per user. Eg. "Your order {{order_id}} for a total of USD {{2}} is confirmed. The expected delivery is {{3}}."

            • Supported Types: Brand can only send text messages as Post-Session messages. Any media, location or contact is not supported.Text messages can contain links, formatting, and emojis

            • Cost: Post-session messages have extra cost per message. The price is country based. You can find the complete list here.

            If any user engages with the non-promotional content by replying to your bot, that resets the 24 Hour window
            Here are some of the top categories for post session messages.



            Example Use-cases

            Account Update

            Notify the message recipient of a change to their account settings.

            Profile has changed, Preferences are updated, Settings have changed, Membership has expired, Password has changed

            Payment Update

            Notify the message recipient of a payment update for an existing transaction.

            Send a receipt, Send an out of stock notification, Notify an auction ended, Status on a payment transaction has changed

            Personal Finance update

            Confirm a message recipient's financial activity.

            Bill-pay reminders, Scheduled payment reminder, Payment receipt notification, Funds transfer confirmation or update, Other transactional activities in financial services

            Shipping Update

            Notify the message recipient of a change in shipping status for a product that has already been purchased,

            Product is shipped, Status charges to in-transit, Product is delivered, Shipment is delayed

            Reservation Update

            Notify the message recipient of updates to an existing reservation.

            Itinerary changes, Location changes, Cancellation is confirmed, Hotel booking is cancelled, Car rental pick-up time changes, Room upgrade is confirmed

            Appointment Update

            Notify the message recipient of a change to an existing appointment-

            Appointment time changes, Appointment location changes, Appointment is cancelled

            Transportation Update

            Notify the message recipient of updates to an existing transportation reservation.

            Flight status changes, Ride is cancelled, Trip is started, Perry has arrived

            Ticket Update

            Send the message recipient updates or reminders for an event for which a person already has a ticket.

            Concert time changes, Event location changes, Show is cancelled, A refund opportunity is made available

            Issue Resolution

            Notify the message recipient of an update to a customer service issue that was initiated in a Messenger conversation, following a transaction.

            Issue is resolved, Issue status is updated, Issue requires a request for additional information


            Notify the message recipient of something informational

            Business hours/hours of availability times

            Facebook - Post session messages 

            If you’re sending promotional updates to the users Facebook, it is extremely important to abide by the 24 + Bonus message rule and provides different message types that correspond to each scenario.
            1. Update within 24 hours - In the first 24 hours of a user opting in to messaging, you can send as much promotional or non-promotional stuff , keeping in mind the user experience. Bombarding a user with too many follow ups and updates may irritate the him/her resulting in bad user experience.
            2. Bonus message 1st after 24 hours - After 24 hours are up, you can send a only one (bonus) promotional follow up
            3. Message after 24 hours After 24 hours are up you can send as much non-promotional stuff as you want.You will also need to select the message purpose from the complete list of allowed messages on bot after 24 hours as shown below:

            If any user engages with the non-promotional content by replying to your bot, that resets the clock!

            You’re then allowed unlimited promotional content for another 24 hours when you experience an engagement with the user.

            For more details on Facebook 24 hour limit policies, you can check out the link - Policies Overview

            Updated: 11 Aug 2019 09:17 PM
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