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            2.07 How to make API calls through the platform

            'Rest API' block in the Chat Flow > Conversations tab can be used to make API calls to external systems without having to write any code.

            Rest API block enables the feature of pushing data gathered from the bot directly to the brand CRM in real time. Following are the simple steps for integrating APIs :

            Step 1 : Enter your lead submission API URL

            Step 2 : Add query params. Values for query params can be added in the for of properties so that the data collected on the bot gets pushed in the brand CRM.

            Note : If you want to utilise the return value of your API, then you should use custom code for API integrations.

            We will talk about Custom Code in the Chapter 2.11 How to create custom codes.

            Hope this helps you push data collected on bot in your CRM, to take immediate actions!

            Updated: 29 Mar 2019 11:03 PM
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