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            2.05 How to trigger actions using keywords

            There are two ways in which a particular conversation can be triggered:
            1. A conversation can be triggered Manually through jump from other conversation
            2. Or Automatically through some keywords or phrases
            Triggering actions through some keywords can be a important way to provide relevant answers to users queries.You can set up the triggering actions at the top of each conversation module.
            You can also assign multiple keywords to the rules, simply press ENTER or comma after typing each keyword to add a new one.

            There are 3 rules you can set up to activate a conversation automatically using keywords:
            1. User message Is rule is a exact match

              Conversation will only be triggered if the user's message matches exactly with the keywords/phrases added in the criteria. If there are any additional words, letters, or symbols, conversation will not be activated.

              The matching criteria is not case sensitive, hence the bot would recognise 'Subscribe', 'SUBSCRIBE' and 'subscribe' the same way.

            2. User message Contains rule is a flexible match

              This rule enables the bot to recognise the keyword in sentences or phrases. For example, if the Keyword is "Subscribe" and a user types "How can I subscribe to daily updates" - the automated message will still be triggered.

              If the user types two keywords in one message, the bot will fire the conversation only once.

            3. User message Matches Regex rule helps you map complex regex criteria

              You can write complex regex rules to make matching more efficient. For example, (?!un)subscribe expression will match only if the user types 'subscribe'. The conversation will not trigger if the user types 'unsubscribe'

            When the bot doesn't recognise any keywords in the user's message, the 'FallBack' system conversation is triggered - you can edit the fallback conversation in Chat Flow > Conversations > Fallback

            Hope this helps you make your bot even smarter!

            Updated: 03 Jan 2020 09:10 PM
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