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            2.04 How to set up branch conversations

            Branching in conversations helps you to send the users down different paths based on certain condition.

            To add a branch conversation you can simply hover over the top of each conversation module or at the left bottom corner of each block and click on Branch Conversation button.

            You can add multiple branches and provide a certain name to each branch. For each branch you need to add certain condition criteria. Once a condition is met, the corresponding path is triggered.

            It is also possible to use system defined properties like Gender, Referral and others or even use customer property information as a condition. For example if you are building a bot only for women:


            Note : Each branch block has a default branch, which gets triggered in case none of the predefined criteria are met. Its always a good practise to define your default replies. In case you leave the default branch empty, then, in case of no matching criteria , the conversation blocks created after the branch block may get triggered, which may not always be the desired flow.

            Branching is one of the most versatile tool of the platform as it lets you create pretty complex bots. Hope it helps you create an awesome bot!
            Updated: 05 Apr 2019 12:21 AM
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