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            2.12 How to integrate frequently asked questions

   platform helps you create an intelligent bot, that can understand users responses and provide relevant replies. One of the ways to make the bot more intelligent is integrating some of the frequently asked questions along with predefined answers. 

            How to create FAQs on the platform? 

            FAQs can be created in the Chat Flow > FAQs tab by clicking on the Create FAQ button. You can add question variations and build your response in this section as shown in (1) and (2) blocks respectively in the below image:

            There might be multiple ways in which the user might ask the same question. The FAQs tab provides you an option to add multiple variations of the question.
            The FAQs work on Google based NLP and get triggered based on intent matching. Adding multiple variations of the same question helps in better intent matching, hence making the bot super intelligent to provide predefined responses based on users queries.

            Once you have added all the variations for intent matching, you can build your response in the (2) block as shown in the image above.

            How are FAQs triggered?

            The bot tries to match users responses with the starting rules for every conversation modules and FAQ. The platform utilises Google based NLP and matches the users intent with the question variations for each FAQ. Whenever the bot finds a match, the FAQ is triggered and the users response is stored in the memory for future matching.

            After a FAQ is triggered, it is important to maintain the context of the bot, hence the bot brings the returns to the conversation block/module that was shared before the FAQ was triggered.

            Updated: 09 Sep 2019 09:21 PM
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